DeathPop is an indie rock band made up of Joel Zonoozi (lead vocals/guitar), David Nelson (lead guitar), Carlos Arellano (drums/vocals) and Chase Lund (bass). The project began as a bedroom pop rock project made up of college roommates David and Joel, and after bringing Chase and Carlos into the fold, DeathPop officially came to life in the summer of 2020. Brought together by their shared love for alternative music and projects like The Districts, Girls, and LCD Soundsystem, they hoped to take their home city of Phoenix by storm with their energy and passion. However, before they could even play their debut show, the COVID-19 pandemic squashed any hopes of live music. The band turned their focus towards their first set of original songs. Over the course of a year, they wrote, recorded and released their debut EP Nothing to Stop in June of 2021.

In the year since their debut, Deathpop has been busy, making up for lost time from the previous year of anxiety and quarantine. They played dozens of shows throughout Phoenix, from house shows and DIY venues, to opening for bands like Ratboys, Wild Pink, and Valley Palace. They recently completed their first tour through the American west, stopping in Oregon, Utah, and Colorado to spread their sound further than they'd every dreamed they'd get the chance to. 

DeathPop is constantly trying to reinvent themselves, and challenge their boundaries. Shortly after finishing Nothing to Stop, they began working on new music. With inspirations ranging from Pavement and Whitney to Drop Nineteens and Beach Fossils, Deathpop’s unique blend of americana, indie, shoegaze, and pop rock has found new form in their upcoming EP, The Water Will Dry, out November 10. Its singles, from the aggressive, punchy post-punk "Record This" to the heartfelt folk ballad "Up in the Clouds", it's clear that their new project is a great rushing river, fed by tributaries of dozens of different musical genres, styles, and emotions.

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