Psyko Steve Presents
Thu May 25 08:00 pm (Doors: 07:30 pm )
16 and up
Psyko Steve Presents

with special guests

Thursday May 25th, 2023
Doors at 7:30 / Show at 8:00


Advance Price: $16 + fees
Day of Show Price: $18 + fees


Arden Jones

21-year-old Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, Arden Jones captures unforgettable, serotonin-filled California summers into a perfect blend of pop, hip-hop, and alt that, while familiar, is undeniably his own. His clever rhymes and witty lyricism paint heartfelt, relatable sentiments that beautifully juxtapose his infectious hooks and euphoric, nostalgia-inspired beats. From a young age, Arden's love of skating and surfing came second only to his love of music, successfully teaching himself to play an array of instruments including upright bass, mandolin, guitar, piano, and ukelele. His musical household introduced him to legends like The Avett Brothers, Bright Eyes, and 50 Cent, but it wasn't long before he began forging his own musical identity inspired by J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and Mac Miller. A prolific user of Garageband and SoundCloud, Arden posted his internet-beat smash "Parallel Parking" on TikTok at the end of 2020 where it caught the attention of newly minted label, vnclm_, and eventually into the hearts of 14 million Spotify listeners. Since the song's release, Arden continues to pave his own way into the music world. Following a series of hit singles (including rollercoaster, SMILE, either way) and performances to screaming fans across the country, Arden was determined to reward his die-hard fanbase in 2022, dropping a new three-song EP at the beginning of every month to immense critical acclaim. With millions of streams independently and an unrelenting work ethic, Arden Jones proves that he really is "just trying to make you smile."

Sarcastic Sounds

Sarcastic Sounds squeezes songs out of life’s complexities, turning conflicted relationships, quirky conversations, and eye-opening realizations into bubblegum-sticky melodies. The Toronto-born / Los Angeles-based self-described “singer-songwriter, music producer, music nerd, and angsty little sad boy” will let you into his deepest thoughts and leave you singing along. His career has certainly highlighted each one of those aforementioned phases as he morphed from behind-the-scenes producer to artist (without losing any of the nerdiness or sad boy-ness). 
Initially, the world got to know Sarcastic Sounds as a producer-writer. Credits include Boy With Uke, David Kushner, Mimi Webb, Arden Jones, Anson Seabra and Powfu.. Stepping up to the microphone, 2022 saw him serve up the I’m A Disappointment EP powered by singles “say goodbye,” “change ur mind” [feat. Claire Rosinkranz & Clinton Kane], and “Disappointment” [feat. Rxseboy]. The EP reeled in north of 1 million streams first week in addition to claiming real estate on playlists such as Apple Music’s A-List Pop. After piling up over 1 billion streams to date, he translates all of the awkwardness of being “a twenty-something in the 2020’s” into his full-length debut album, Haunt You Forever [Columbia Records], introduced by lead single “Stumbling.”