The Father Figures

The Father Figures feature Michael Cornelius on guitar and backing vocals(JFA/Jr Chemists), Tom Reardon on bass and lead vocals(North Side Kings/Hillbilly Devilspeak), and Bobby Lerma on drums and backing vocals (Jeff Dahl Group/The Voice). The eight-year-old band has released three previous albums and a slew of compilation appearances before joining Slope Records for their fourth full-length release, Heavy Lifting, in 2017. This release marks a new chapter in the career of the band who refer to their unique brand of music as “Post-skate-punk.”

During their career, The Father Figures have shared stages in Arizona and California with bands like PIL, X, Meat Puppets, Saccharine Trust, Gang of Four, and many others. Cornelius was a founding member of skate punk legends JFA and a fixture on the Phoenix scene since the late 70s. Lerma played drums early on in Kluged and Grant and the Geezers while Reardon formed longtime noise punks Hillbilly Devilspeak (of the UK’s BGR Records) and played bass in North Side Kings (Thorp/I-Scream Records). With a storied pedigree like The Father Figures possess, it would be easy for the band to phone it in and rest on their laurels, but this is not the case for the three elder statesmen musicians.

The Father Figures exist to continue pushing the boundaries of what comes next.

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