The Astronomers

The Astronomers produce a dynamic, energy-filled performance lead by frontman Michael Stensland and producer Ben Baker.

Selling out headline tour dates and festivals opening for Milky Chance and Portugal. The Man at the Worlds Largest Music Festival - Summerfest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, headlining two nights at Mile of Music festival.

Committing themselves to the sounds and emotions they love and believe in, The Astronomers have brought something special to the surface on their debut album, “The Occasion". Deepening their foundation in modern music, they cautiously pull back the curtains for their debut release. The duo Ben Baker and Michael Stensland capitalize on indie sounds of pop, alternative, and rock.
With cosmic churning synthesizers, tight vocal chops, electric guitars, and floor-filling drum beats tending to recall the vibrant sound of electronic rock. The duo pushes this approach one step further with their debut album. Transforming the smallest of phrases into sparkling sounds is no secret, you grove harder with each song followed by another.

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