Significant Others

Significant Others are an indie rock band based down in the valley sun, yet their members reign from all across the country. The band met at school in Arizona but their diverse musical background lends itself to well-rounded tones with wide influences. The quartet (singer/guitarist Clayton Patterson, guitarist Michael Glowatski, bassist David Seiler, and drummer Ziggy Ziegler) draws influence from bands like Mt Joy, Wilco, and the Strokes. A couple jam sessions in late 2021 led to a fused collective with the common interest of sharing their thoughts with the world. Since then, the band has been performing for over a year now, letting loose at venues and DIY garages alike.

A year after their debut EP, Significant Others deliver new hues with their eleven-track, self-titled album. The album shifts in sound and emotion throughout. It’s a stark difference from their earlier releases; reflecting the trials of bygone relationships and the pining that persists. The LP took over a year to write and a month to record; engineered by Matt Aldawood and mastered by Jon Weil. The debut LP displays a deeper study of their rock impression with new touches from acoustics, slide guitars, and even harmonicas. It’s a new level of sonic excellence from the collective.

Their affinity toward indie rock has shaped their songwriting and vibration. The movement from soft to heavy tunes magnifies the growing pains of life. Adolescent love and dreaming – the lens is focused and the subject is yearning for the unknown.

with Stolen Gin, Significant Others
Valley Bar
Mon September 16, 2024 8:00 pm (Doors: 7:00 pm )
16 and up