Jordy Searcy

In 2020, after Jordy Searcy made a name as a homegrown touring act and a landmark songwriter for his generation, he left Nashville behind and hopped into his touring-van-turned-camper and drove to the west coast. The 2022 album Daylight is the sound of that uncertain adventurous time, surfing up and down the west coast, writing songs in remote outdoor locations in solitude for weeks at a time and touring the country with friends.

All of that changed in February 2022 when he met his now-wife, Michel Janse. A previous album titled “UFO” had been written, recorded and scrapped, because jordy found a new direction-The End Of Us.

The End Of Us is an album about endings and beginnings-the end of the adventure a single musician in his 20’s discovering the world and taking risks, and the beginning of building a life with the person you want to spend it with. The end of relentlessly chasing a career in a music city, and the beginning of a quiet creative life in the small beach town of Oceanside, CA where jordy now lives. For his wife Michel, this record also has special meaning-this is her 2nd marriage, and the record explores her story and her healing process.

Enlisting the help of longtime friend and hometown buddy Phillip Vo to write and produce, this record is energetic, California summery, Beatlesy, and fresh organic pop all in one. Relying on craft, inspiration, and fun, “The End Of Us” is a no-skips good time.

“Everyone’s life has little endings, its one of the only things you can rely on. For me, it doesn’t matter what you leave behind when something ends, its what you build going forward. That’s what this album is about-allowing yourself to become a new person, with a new person. I can’t wait for people to hear these songs!”

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