Hardcastle is Graham Laderman’s vision and vessel to carry out his dream of being able to share his music with as many people as possible. In other words his dream is to be a rock star. He has wanted this since childhood. This became solidified when he left his home state, Atlanta, for music school in Nashville. Then after a couple of years he dropped out and went full force with his band. He went on the road opening for The Band Camino, playing about 30 dates around the US. There was no question is mind. For the first time it felt his insides matched his outsides. This is what he wanted to do. But then, along the way things became splintered - Covid hit, and the band lost its way. At that time Graham decided to leave Nashville and move to LA wondering if he could figure out a way to discover his true desire to rock yet again but with a slightly new face. Enter Done Deal Management (Rob Cavallo & Lisa Cavallo). Through vocal lessons, management guidance, A&R sessions, and a new found confidence, Graham’s vision began to re-emerge. He let go of any preconceived ideas, and got honest with his next steps.

Now his music has come full circle to the young kid, who wanted to completely rock out. Now he is tapping into lyrics with more meaning hard hitting choruses and melodies, and a band experience that feels true to his nature.

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