Diners is a long-running pop-rock project fronted by singer/songwriter Blue Broderick. For more than a decade, Blue has toured the globe, playing shows and selling cassette tapes from her minivan far and wide. Blue’s songs are decidedly simple and catchy, a winking homage to ‘60s songwriters like Carole King and Brian Wilson tinged with the power-pop sensibilities of later decades. Born out of the heat and boredom of suburban Arizona in 2012, Diners found its footing amidst the eclectic Phoenix music scene. In 2019, Blue left Phoenix for the Bay Area and currently resides in Los Angeles, nonetheless, Diners is still influenced by the valley of the sun. There’s a cartoonish sense of reality that comes from growing up in a desert, and that same naive whimsy has become something of a calling card in Blue’s music. The jangling melodies and playful arrangements bring to mind a technicolor world – one where coyotes chase roadrunners, tumbleweeds bounce across highway lanes, and new possibilities glimmer just beyond the horizon.

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