Mon, July 31, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:30 pm

Valley Bar

Phoenix, AZ


This event is 21 and over

In 2013, Kilynn Lunsford and Mark Feehan collaborated for the first time, piecing together abstract sonic ideas and vivid vocals into their first, self-released LP as Taiwan Housing Project. Both had previous band experience under their belts — Lunsford in the Portland garage rock outfit Little Claw, which was active across the aughties, and Feehan in the 90s noiserockers Harry Pussy, which released a couple records on local imprint Siltbreeze.

Based in Philly, the two experimented in fusing extremely fun, infectious rock and roll with nihilistic sonic textures released by venerable Portland label Kill Rock Stars. They boast a ferocity that echoes no wave adjacent artists like Sonic Youth and Lydia Lunch, but the album is also profoundly catchy, a trait noticeable in the Cramps v B-52s face-off of “Authentic Alien Perfume.”

The Taiwan Housing Project family draws members from Tyvek and Writhing Squares on Veblen.

For buildings, there are zoning laws. For automobiles, traffic ordinance enforced by police officers.

For aircraft, there’s air traffic control and for industry, patent laws, labor laws, etc.

Despite all the regulations, scofflaws are common and people “break the law” constantly.

The world of rock ’n’ roll bands is different. Though it prides itself as a libertine anarchy where all is permitted, unspoken rules are in place which nearly none dare transgress. In the modern era, these regulations are as strictly enforced as in any gulag.

Political statements must consist of kitsch platitudes, the music a rote recitation from the nostalgia file. Appearance must be mundane and performance a tame approximation of a half remembered snore-fest from the golden age of “mTV unplugged.”

Any deviation will be punished —monetarily and critically— and rebels are banished to the kingdom of no-one-cares.

Faced with such prospects, conformity in “indie rock” is ABSOLUTE.

On the outskirts of this work camp though, is one notable rule breaker … a group of delinquents with outlaw values: style, ideas, physicality, vivacity … when turned to the “on” position, they resemble a terrifying power tool or downed “live wire.”

Who is this group that never got the memo to manifest mediocrity? TAIWAN HOUSING PROJECT: A band powerful enough to exorcise its audience of the degenerate culture which is poisoning them: Popular radio, mini series, political idiocy, toxic architecture, Hollywood film, and graphic design… stimuli created explicitly to numb and retard its victims, and to tame any deviant impulse.

Who are the members? TAIWAN HOUSING PROJECT was formed by KILYNN LUNSFORD (Ex-LITTLE CLAW) who, onstage, performs like a reborn Little Richard. Fur clad, ax wielding, slashing, tearing, “flame on.” MARK FEEHAN (ex-HARRY PUSSY) flanks the stage, picking and grinning like a loosed convict with a taste for vengeance. These two began the band as a experiment in perversity but it quickly transformed into a way of life, a hope bringer, a font of joy for them and their devotees. More members were added (Pat Ganley, Adam Cooper, Kevin Nickles, and Kevin Boyer of groups such as TYVEK, DAN MELCHOIR, WRITHING SQUARES, TICKLEY FEATHER, et al), shows were played, a 45 was released (on the excellent M’Lady’s imprint) and now ….. a debut ALBUM on KILL ROCK STARS RECORDS, called “Veblen Death Mask.”

“Sometimes you gotta burn the village to save it” is THP’s philosophy, and in keeping with that, their live style is a take no prisoners, destroy the stage, ecstatic orgy of sound.

BUT — cleverly concealed under the noise and abandon, TAIWAN HOUSING PROJECT play bewitching pop songs which could bubble up comfortably in a reform school disco or European youth hall.

“Multidimensional Spectrum”, and “Authentic Alien Perfume” are hit parade material. If the hit parade took a detour through a Hieronymous Bosch painting.

Spin this record — the “VEBLEN DEATH MASK” LP — and join TAIWAN HOUSING PROJECT in resisting the rules of the gulag.

- Ian Svenonius
"The only thing Phoenix, Ariz. is good for is drying your wet towels in under five minutes post-shower, bath or swimming pool, certain structures of golf course, and as the ancestral home of the Sun City Girls. Other than that … well, it’s a goddamn nightmare. And I lived in Dallas for two years, so I know. These wonderful mopes hail from Tempe, which I pray to the baby Jesus is better than Phoenix. Judging from these two tracks of thunder-mud, it either is, or Soft Shoulder’s Brainbombsy urk is a reaction to their surroundings. Either way, don’t ever move, people, but feel free to play in my living room whenever you like." - Still Single (regarding "People Problems" 7", 2010).

"The name of this Arizona band is ironic, for the thrash offered on this 7??? is closer to the feeling of having a cold shoulder turned on you. In that sense the two songs deliver on the angst you???d expect if you were experiencing ???people problems.??? It???s hard to make out the lyrics, but if noisy assault is what you???re in the mood for, here you have it." - KFJC (regarding "People Problems" 7", 2010).

"File it among your Lust/Unlust records and see if anyone notices." - Yellow Red Green (regarding "People Problems" 7", 2010).

"Notable is the guitar (bass?) tone, which manages to retain remarkable Shellac-like clarity even as everything—the instrument, the amps, the recording apparatus—is being punished. Side B is similar in tone, with more chaotic guitar leads and breaks. The goal seems to be clear—musicians striving to take whatever it is they’ve learned and unlearn it, to take what they’ve made and erase it. An intriguing sample of some no-wave punk from a relatively obscure corner of the continent." - Foxy Digitalis (regarding "People Problems" 7", 2010).
Venue Information:
Valley Bar
130 N. Central Ave.
Phoenix, AZ, 85004