((( POST ))) An Evening of Post-Hardcore – Tickets – Valley Bar – Rose Room – Phoenix, AZ – September 22nd, 2019

((( POST ))) An Evening of Post-Hardcore
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((( POST ))) An Evening of Post-Hardcore

Valley Bar - Rose Room
Ages 21+

Get down for an evening of POST-HARDCORE, spun together by resident DJ JOHNNY VOLUME!

Music by: Fugazi, Texas Is The Reason, Promise Ring, Sunny Day Real Estate, Rainer Maria, Embrace, Mineral, Get Up Kids, Cap'N Jazz, Braid, American Football, Rites Of Spring, Jawbox, Hot Water Music, Knapsack, Jazz June & More

You won't catch Johnny Volume loading up the latest dance remix or fiddling with Serrato on his iBook during his gigs. Nope, this old schooler's tools are much simpler: Two turntables and a shitload of records.

Venue Information:
Valley Bar - Rose Room
130 N Central Ave
Phoenix, AZ, 85004